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Uncovering Hidden Effects of Evolution

Uncovering Hidden Effects of Evolution

As we continue I want to look at one of the effects of Evolution; since evolution in essence denies God or His power it opens up the thinking that we are inherently able to determine for ourselves what is basically good or evil and since these differ from one person to the next just as they do within nature then we are unable to negate another persons beliefs thus the introduction of tolerance. In being tolerant one must accept another’s beliefs regardless of the harm it may to do that person or others around them. It is also indoctrinating others beliefs into your own to create a belief system that will; in their thinking; enhance you as a person. The question then becomes how does one generate this thinking into the general public and especially into the bible believing community? With the general public it was easy because with the teaching of evolution it was obvious that by eliminating a supernatural power, (God) you could essentially establish your own moralistic community in which everyone could do what was right in their own eyes and because man has evolved from animals any behavior that was deemed against the moral laws of the government could be blamed on the influence of their surroundings; and if that is the case, we can then soften those laws through the court system. This concept worked excellently for them and they were soon able to either forego sentences with probation or the transgressor was able to receive psychological evaluations which ultimately proved their case because in most cases the patient recalled suppressed memories. Whether these memories were true or false did not matter because they provided the ammunition that was needed to wage war on those who did not readily accept their new belief system.

This new battle needed even more ammunition then what they had expected so in order to wage a good battle they had to strike at the core of their belief system, which was God. Since they already had evolution as a way to show how the earth could be created without God the next step is to remove God from the school system. When they accomplished that it was easy for them to promote their new belief system and many of the students eagerly accepted it because it diminished the power of the parents. They suddenly had rights that they never imagined and because sin is exciting they eagerly ran head first to these new found rights and while they had found some success it still was not enough. There had to be a way to gain a greater foothold. They needed to be able to establish laws that would protect their new belief system and without a greater foothold that would be impossible to do. They had to soften the views of the holdouts and the only way to do that was through media. What people watch on television and how they spent leisure time greatly affected their thinking, so if they could create media that would seem innocent enough in context they could eventually cause them to drop their guard; therefore allowing them to ultimately change their thought process and during that transformation they could install their new laws.

However; how can you change a person’s viewpoint on something that has long been seen as wrong or dabbling with evil? The answer is you change the perception by making it seem unbelievable or by changing the behaviors of the person performing the act by making them inherently good in deed even though their act is against someone’s beliefs. Hence you have now accomplished a difference in their view of the act. For example if someone has had a hard life and nothing ever seems to go right for them. They are a loving father or mother but they lose their jobs and begin stealing to provide food for their families and then they begin providing for their friends and before long you find yourself cheering for them and when they finally get caught you secretly hope they get let off. Now all along they had a neighbor who tried to help them by providing a job but he wanted them to clean up a little bit. The position required them to have contact with people who would view the way she dressed as inappropriate or the smell of alcohol on their breathe as unacceptable yet we find ourselves pointing our finger at the neighbor for requiring such things.

Let’s take a look at another situation. You have a young boy who is rather plain. He doesn’t fit in with many people and is kind of a misfit. Unbeknown to him he has magical powers that are revealed to him by a friend of his parents who happens to be a wizard and he is invited to a school especially for kids like him but even there he is outcast by the more popular students so he develops these powers and while he never outright attacks his tormentor he does spells to make him look stupid. The premises is that there is good magic and bad magic and one shouldn’t judge the act but the person who is performing the act regardless of where their powers came from. Of course this opens a huge problem because it encourages those who are not readily accepted by peers to seek out a way to obtain these powers and parents unwittingly allow them to not only watch these shows but read the books. The reality is that these powers do exist and they do not come from God but that is a topic for another time the purpose of this is to open your eyes as to how we allow our hearts and minds to be changed from what God tells us in His word to be true.

As you allow them to change your thinking you ultimately become more desensitized to the things of the world and you then begin to accept more and more of their ideology. As this happens you start walking further and further away from God until you no longer believe that He really requires a daily relationship with you and is happy with you living the way you are living as long as you mention Him now and then in a quick prayer or go to church on special occasions; after all He created nature for us to enjoy so what is wrong with worshiping Him at the beach on Sunday instead of church?

As I come to a close here you may be wondering how this applies to evolution? I want you to stop and think about that for a moment. Send me your thoughts on how it either applies or does not apply and I will attempt to answer all of them. Let me assure you of this one thing. Everything mentioned here does stem from the belief in evolution and the question is; how does it affect you.

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