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Harry Potter. Now that is a very popular series of books and movies. I myself liked to watch these movies, never thinking really about what it entailed. Just for entertainment is why I watched them.

I never really thought about the implications and the doors that these books and movies would and could open.
I have been teased by my son and two of my dear Christian friends about these movies and like most people got kind of offended about it all. Even now my son gets onto me about Harry Potter and the message that it sends out. How can something that looked to inviting be so wrong for you? Well, let me tell ya, while doing the research for this article, I have discovered a lot that is wrong with these books and movies.
I have found that this is a real good way for satan to get into our lives, not realizing it, and bringing havoc to our lives. We may not notice it at first but sooner or later it will become evedent in our lives.

I pray that this article will be a blessing to you and open up your eyes to the ways that satan can use seemingly innocent things to bring us down, even Christians such as I. My friend asked me to write this article, knowing that I liked Harry Potter, in hopes that by it coming from someone who did like him, that you would see that even we Christians can be sucked in by eye candy.

Harry Potter is written for imagination and fantasy when in reality it covers up the true stories of witchcraft. It brings out the true training and work that it takes to become a witch.

What Harry learns he immediately applies it to his life plus he believes that everything he thinks, says and feels is the result of magic. His foundation is in magic through will. This extention of will is the foundational occult truth.

The truth is, that everything that we do, say, or think comes from our belief system, what ever that may be.

Harry's writer has made sure that we all feel sympathy for Harry situation. Many of us may have come from such a background and can and do feel for him. We search for things that will make us whole, wanted, accepted and loved. This is where a lot of the world's problems come into play. Sex, alcohol, drugs just to name a few along with witchcraft. Harry comes from parents who love him and are killed into a home full of complaining, judging and being made fun of. All of a sudden at a tender age of 11 years old he is accepted into the Hogwarts School. There he becomes popular, which we all desire, and is being taught the ways of a witch. At the very beginning, Harry is learning that instant gratification can be found in most areas of his life. He is taught situation ethics rather than absolute values of right and wrong.

As I was doing research for this I found an article about how the books of Harry Potter are parallel with any occult order. Pretty scary if you ask me. Here is an article about such a thing. Harry Potter paralleling with actual occult orders.

These books and movies are teaching our children that instant gratification is easier to obtain that it is to use our God given abilities to reason the rights and wrongs of our situations. Although instand gratification is what we all want, is it practical in most cases? I think not.

Each time that Harry casts a spell and we watch and listen to that spell we are opening up a door for satan to step in and do whatever he can to destoy our lives. Witchcraft is a very real thing and not something to be taken lightly. People are very open to suggestion and these books and movies suggest a lot. These books also teach revenge. Although Harry is trying to right the wrongs that was done to his family and to conquer evil, revenge is not the way to go. There are far better ways of doing it. God's way. Let the revenge be his.

In Harry Potter, the author is teaching our children the names of real demons. Now that is truly scary. These characters are NOT made up, they are very real. When real witches go to meetings and the such, they greet one another "Blessed be" and when they depart they say " The force be with you". As one real witch says in an article, which I will provide, says that the "Force" are satan. There is no good side of the force that overcomes the bad. The blood of Jesus is the only thing that will destroy evil, which is th satanic "Force" Satan and his witchcraft is only meant for evil, even though he will tell you differently.

Please by all means do your own research and check into what your children are watching on tv. As many of us have jobs outside the home, we look to the tv to entertain our children. Great babysitter to some of us. Look into what they are watching, filling them full of and how it is affecting their lives.

Like most of you, I saw no harm in Harry Potter, at least at first. I now find a lot wrong with it. I do not want to be guilty in filling my grandchildren with this junk.

The Bible has this to say:

"And many that believed came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds. Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed." Acts 18: 18-19

I am adding an article that comes from a born again Christian who came out of the witchcraft scene. It is amazing on what is going on in their world and how much of it spills into ours.

Be very careful about what you watch. You are your childrens guardians from the Lord and they were given to you as a gift, to treasure, to teach the ways of the Lord. We will ALL be held accountable for what our children have or are learning when we all get before God and he judges us. Do we want to be judged on the things that we have done right in his eyes, go into Heaven to live with him forever or be judged for the wrong things and get told by our Lord and Savior "Go away, I don't know you" then burn in Hell for all eternity, wishing that we could change all the things that we did wrong in our lives. Now is the time to change. Don't let another day go by. Change the things that we can change.

I hope and pray that this scares you into action. Don't let your children suffer at the devil's hands. Change them and mold them into a person that Jesus wants them to be. This is your job as parents, not to subject them to any of the devils devices such as witchcraft. A very dangerous world. As a former witch once said, "Harry Potter books are training manuels for the occult".

One of my very own daughters told me one time that if school had been like Hogwarts she would never have left school. Yes, it does look exciting and I can see where this would interest children all over the world. My daughter was right when she said that. She meant it, as she has a learning disability and finds it hard to read and retain what she reads. She learns better by "hands on". How much more hands on can you get?

The courts in our great America have banned religion and prayer in our schools. Trying to get rid of our 10 Commandments that our country was founded on and destroy our very foundation and yet witchcraft is being allowed in these areas. Library's for one. Every school in America has a library and I am sure that Harry Potter is in each of them, poisoning our childrens minds with trash. Teachers are using Harry Potter in their classrooms in order to intice our children to learn.

Please, be aware of what your children are reading and watching as well as playing on the game cubes, x-box, wii and the such. The devil is not limited to just books and tv.

I want to give my son and two dear friends for following God's leading and opening my eyes to the dangers of this movie.

Note: Updates will follow

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