Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tomorrow Will Be Too Late To Change!

I was reading something the other day and was absolutely Blown Away by what I saw! I thought about it and tried to make sense of it but no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't make any sense out of it at all!

Here... take a look!

Alice Cooper To Open Christian Youth Center

Alice Cooper shook the rock world in the 1970s with on-stage beheadings and songs about dead babies; now he's opening a Christian youth center in Phoenix.
The $3 million center Cooper is establishing with Grand Canyon University in Phoenix will be similar to a Boys Club with a school of rock and roll, a concert hall and sports activities -- except all will have a Christian thrust, the Arizona Republic reported Tuesday.
The United States "needs a good hypodermic needle shot of morality," said Cooper, the 58-year-old born-again son of a Christian minister and grandson of an evangelist.
The singer of "Dead Babies," "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Welcome to My Nightmare" said the club called The Rock will offer a variety of wholesome activities free of charge to youth ages 12-18.
The project is still in the design stage and Cooper said he's looking to add corporate sponsors to help its funding with an eye toward starting construction next year.
There you have it... If this is the "Christian" influence that is being made available to our children then WE ARE ALL IN TROUBLE!!!!
I am a Pastor and a Parent, I can sit here all night long and give you example after example of one tragic story after another about how Rock Music and it's wicked influence has trapped, snared, enslaved, destroyed, bound up, hung, shot, murdered, beat, stranded, ruined and ended the lives of untold numbers.
I could tell you of Alice, who wound up taking a razor blade and tried to cut her face off, Mark who hung himself in his own closet while his parents slept in the next room. The 11 year old who took a gun and blew his head off just because the "Music Told Him Too". The millions of teenage suicides that take place every year and we never hear of them!
The world in which we live is a wicked place. We as parents have a great responsibility to watch over our children, to protect them from the world, the flesh and the devil. I am glad to have the opportunity to speak out about this particular issue... It is one that has plagued me most of my own life, you are not alone in standing against this thing.
I will write much more in the future!
Pastor David J. Dunn


Dimitri Black said...

This again is where I will respectfully disagree. I've followed Alice Coopers re-dedication of faith since his announcement in the late 90's. Originally raised as a baptist he like many Christians felt the need to rebel. In the late 90's he made a rededication to faith in Christ and now includes that statement in many secular shows as he continues his professional music career. He's a married man, a grandfather, and has even made the PGA golf tour. You can't get much more conservative than that.

Part of our statement of faith as Christians is the forgiveness of God through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Far be it from me to say a man who led a life of sin who comes back to Christ should be berated for past sins when currently in our own faith men commit sins regularly and expect and prey on our faiths resolve to forgive those who "look the part".

Who deserves trust more? The metal head to makes a defined statement of faith and actively demonstrates Christs principles? Or the televangelist who bilks millions out of the elderly's pockets and when confronted simply says "forgive me"?

I would add... Music as a rule never tells anyone to do anything. You make a choice to follow your own action through. People who commit suicide, cut themselves, lie, cheat, and steal all have deeper seated issues that arn't usually created solely by the evils of "heavy metal".

Oftentimes its a direct link to people who have serious issues with abuse (before they listened to rock music) as we all know physical, sexual, and mental abuse all take thier toll on a young person leading to many acts they take to deal with the hurt.

At anyrate, present the facts.. But I admonish you as your fellow brother in Christ.. Take the time to present both sides of the issue.

Gods Bless you and keep you.

Dr. Raven

Anonymous said...

Luke 15:7
I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.