Friday, August 8, 2008

2 Bands to be aware of..that Kids Love...

As a youth, we loved being mall rats. We knew what stores we wanted, and did not in any way want to dress like a adult..

So today I went to the mall with one thing on my mind..I wanted to see what the kids were watching, playing with, and listening to.

I believe one of my biggest shocks came from Hot Topics. This store is aimed at Teens.. has some really killer teen clothing..etc. (

Upon looking at the T-shirts, we did not stay long.

One T-shirt had a demon on the front of it, and the saying "Lamb Of God."
Another T-shirt had a cross with a "X" through it, saying "Bad Religion"

Now..I came home and did my research.. Folks.. your kids are listening to these bands.

These are Heavy Metal Bands..and nope..far from Christian in all shapes form and Fashion.

I want you to take a look at a few links. That is the official Site.
Here are the Lyrics to their new song.."Walk with me in hell"

Now on the Band..Bad Religion
Click here: BAD RELIGION Official Website There is their official Website..
It links to their Myspace page.

Click here: BAD RELIGION LYRICS - Bad Religion (Theme Song)
This is their Theme song Here is a listing to the Lyrics of all their songs...

Check out their song.. "Faith In God"

So there you have it....

I have much more coming on our trip to the mall. But these I wanted to cover first and foremost.

Pay attention to what your kids are listening to...

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Dimitri Black said...

Its very true that bands like Bad Religion and Lamb of God exist with a very anti-religous sentiment. Thier lyrics by nature are bombastic and crass and generally talk about what they consider to be "The Evils" of all organized faiths.

Is it Christian.. No..

Where I agree with you on are that parents need to be educated about the music thier kids and thier kids friends listen to.

Where I disagree with you is that I worry your sentiment will come across and bombastic and confrontational.

Having been part of both the Christian music ministry scene and secular music scenes, I know that outreach to kids is best handled with an open hand of love rather than finger pointed or a closed hand of contempt.

As a fellow brother, I agree that education is in order. Would perhaps a series of articles on best outreach be in order for hurting kids?

As a side note, Bad Religion is a punk band actually that has been around for many years. Thier not a new notion. Lamb of God is part of the new metal revival of artists recently signed.

I'd be happy to help contribute any educational information you may require.

Gods Peace

Dr. Raven