Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Build Walls Around Our Children?

As much as I hate to state the simple truth, but the answer is plainly so that we can provide some degree of protection for them.

Take a look at this picture...

I can well remember the times that we would as kids, be travelling with my parents somewhere in the North during the winter months as my Dad would be preaching a Revival meeting. As "Fate" would have it, there would always be kids in these churches who were "Professional Snowball Chucker's"! Now here we were My brother, sister and myself, the three of us against most of a youth department! (Yep... They ganged up on us cause we were the "Evangelist's Kids"!!!!) You know how they say that "Life Ain't Fair"??!! Yes sir, we learned the truth of that little nugget of life very early on!

So, here we are trying to get my "Prissy" sister Debra to pack snowballs together while my brother Mike and I are fighting for our very lives on the Battlefield of the Christian Snow Warriors. All Debra could do was complain that her tiny hands were "Freezing"! (You know how sisters can be.)

I remember one church in particular, where we were out numbered, out gunned and they were working on a "Huge Wall" to Launch these half "Ice Ball", half Snow Missiles at us. We were getting "Hammered" to death!!!! So I did the only thing that I could do besides lay down and be buried under a ton of snow and ice! I called for a 15 minute "Cease Fire". As soon as they stopped "Raining" those "Hail Stones" down on top of us, the three of us started "Scooping" and "Packing" snow into a 3 sided Fort wall!!! Then we went back to making "Ammo" for the Slaughter!

I want you to know that the wall we built lasted the whole week of Revival, and when it came time for us to pack up and head back home to Chattanooga, TN. the kids of the church wanted to keep it up and use it after we were gone... However, my brother Mike and I knocked it down before we left. Why you may ask... well, in our opinion, they didn't deserve such a "Cool" Fort!!!!!

I know this is a funny way to talk about protecting our kids, but if you just take a moment... it really does make sense! We were getting killed without the protection that the wall afforded us. Not only were we able to hold our own all week long but there were many a night that week that the three of us were in fact "Victorious!

Look at it like this... The wall gave us not only protection, but it also made our small number of 3 kids able to do much more in a snowball fight than we ever did out in the open! Parents... Teenagers and all kids. Listen to me for a few moments. Mom and Dad, your Pastor, Youth Pastor they all place "Rules" and "Regulations" on you for a really good reason... Safety for one. Protection and also to give you the means to be able to stand against the temptations of this life. The Peer Pressure factor can be handled if you already know the "Walls" are there, they are Strong and They are not likely to be moved by that authority figure.

Folks, I can remember as a teenager how "Useless" I thought those "Walls" were that my parents and Youth Pastor placed in front of and around me. I thought it was stupid to have them there, however, I can sit here before God and testify that if it had not been for those walls... I would be Dead or In Prison for the rest of my Life!

Teenager, don't despise the "Walls"... instead Thank your parents and Pastors for placing them there. Young Lady, don't you know what a treasure it is for you to be able to wait for Marriage before having intimate relations. Young Man, It takes a "Real Man" to abstain and be pure before God in relationships.

Don't hate the "Walls" Thank God that they are there.

Deuteronomy 13:4 - "Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him. "

This is just something for us to think about.

God Bless,

Evangelist David Dunn