Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Parenting Key Word - "Responsibility"


Today I want to talk about this simple word... "Responsibility". This word is one of those that we are all a little guilty of overlooking in life. We will watch a show on TV where we can sit ane we will critique the actors for NOT being responsible in one way or another. We will often watch shows where families NEVER do anything together and their collective lives are in "Shambles"! I know that in my own life as a parent that far too many times I have neglected my part in this area of being "Responsible" for my own kids. In the day and age in which we live we all too often allow the TV or the Internet to be the "Baby Sitter" even though we are in the same house!!!

What does the word "Responsible" actually mean? Well, acording to Webster's Dictionary it means the following:

RESPONS'IBLE, a. from L. responsus, respondeo.

1. Liable to account; accountable; answerable; as for a trust reposed, or for a debt. We are all responsible for the talents entrusted to us by our Creator. A guardian is responsible for the faithful discharge of his duty to his ward.
Look at the word's that are mentioned here about this business of "Responsibility". Word's like: Accountable, Answerable, Trust, Faithful Discharge of his Duty.
Simply put, the word "Responsible" means that we as parents ARE "Accountable" to someone for the watchful care of our children. We are also "Answerable" to someone for what we allow our kids to do, what they watch, what they listen to, who their friends are, and the places they are allowed to go. We have been given a "Trust" by God in the raising of our children. In this Trust that we have been given, it is up to us to be "Faithful" in the care of our kids. Parents, it is our "Duty" to know what is going on in their little lives.
I know there are people who will argue that their kids deserve their "Personal Space". I have news for you... you are seriously asking for a heartbreak!!! Kids do not need space, they need Mom and Dad to wake up and show that they actually care about the influences that are in thier lives. Mom and Dad need to be in their kids social scene. I myself have six children, and their mother and I are both "In The Know" of who they talk on the phone with, who they text, chat, and Facebook with!
It is our "Responsibility" to know these things. Why just this past week our daughter, who normally asks if she can "Befriend" someone on Facebook, accepted someone that my wife and I both know, but this time she did not ask permission. Well, my wife got on her Facebook account and checked things out and sure enough she came across this person. We had to have a talk with our daughter and explain to her that this particular person, had she asked our permission, would not have been allowed to be her friend. Why?? Because this man is an alcoholic!
You may say this is an invasion of her private life... My daughter is 12... I believe with all my heart this is OUR, my wife and myself, it is OUR "Responsibility"!
I have a "God Given" Duty to raise my kids right... And guess what Parents... SO DO YOU! Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Let's raise the kids God gave us in a "Responsible" manner, after all, God is watching!
Evangelist David J. Dunn

Movie Review "Precious"

Today I wanted to take the time to review the movie "Precious". It was about a high school girl that struggles to overcome abuse, physical, mental and sexual abuse.

During the movie, it starts out, she is in the classroom, she is in love with her teacher and fantasizes of being married to him. She is called to office, when the principle asks her if she is pregnant again. This will be her second child.

As the story unfolds, she was sexually molested by her father. The scene is very graphic. She indeed is pregnant with him. As she gets home, her mother abuses her physically. (Once again, very graphic scenes)

In the end she has the baby, but when she comes home from the hospital, the mother holds the baby, drops the baby and the girl barely escapes with no harm done to baby and little harm to her. Friends and teachers come to her aid to find her a place to live.  Her mother decides to get in touch with her, only to find out that the mother let this sexual abuse go on since the child was born, and why she assaulted and hated her own daughter.


I could go on with the story plot, but in all honesty, that is enough of that. I want to go to the things in this movie that was so disturbing.

This movie won many awards. However,

1. There was so much language that I lost tally of the profanity only minutes into the movie.

2. The rape scene was very graphic

3. Violence was over the top.

The only good thing I saw, was she indeed kept the baby. The way she would escape from reality was through fantasy. Fantasy will not help us to deal with overcoming those ordeals in our life. People going through abuse, be it young girls, Children or adults NEED COUNSELING, Not a fantasy world.

They did not even give numbers for abuse, or information of how to get help.

As a Christian Mother, this is not a movie I would recommend to anyone. It took me days to even figure out how to even blog on this one as I could not put the movie into words.

I would like to see a movie like this in a cleaned up version that kids this age COULD WATCH. I know things like this goes on every day. People like "Precious" ARE out there.  So this movie could have been better. You can say, "There is Hope" without all redundant profanity. I true message of hope would even give titles or credits of where to get the help you need.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Life In the Womb..a Story of a loss of A child and More.

The Loss of a Unborn Child
By Paula Chapman

Many women every day miscarry a child. It is a pain that runs deep for years. The following is the story of my unborn child that awaits me in Heaven.

Last week was the 37th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Which gives women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy legally. A decision which has led to the death of so many unborn children. Many feel that a baby is simply a host, with no emotion, no feeling and no rights. How sad America kills hundreds and thousands of children each day.

However, I will never forget the struggle for life my son, fought to come into the world, and he lost the battle.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was happy beyond measure. Everything was going so well with the pregnancy. I had my check ups regularly and he was growing as he should. His first movement in the womb was breathtaking to say the least. It was like tiny butterflies. I could not help but laugh when I first felt his movement. But that laughter would soon turn to tears.

One day I carried in groceries and had to sit down. Intense cramps and pain, followed by bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital and they were able to stop the bleeding. I was sent home to follow up with my doctor.

When I went to the doctor they ran several tests and I was instructed to go home and rest. A day later, I got the call from Dr. Adams.
“Paula, this is Dr. Adams.”
I knew before she called that time was running out. It was something you felt, and something you knew.
My only response to her was, “He is dying isn’t he?”
She confirmed he was, and instructed me what to do when the bleeding began again.

It was a day later, I was rushed back to the hospital. They had to do a emergency DNC and a day later I was able to come home.

I will never forget being wheeled out of the hospital the feeling of, “I want my baby!” Sadness, emptiness, anger, loneliness.

My mother seemed to be the only one that understood how I felt at the time as she put her arms around me and told me to cry. I did a lot of crying. Truth of the matter is, I still cry today.

If you have ever lost a child, you need to grieve that child as you would one that even was able to come into the world. Just because he or she never took his first breath, does not mean, it is less important then one that has.

Those friends that was there for me to support me, I can not thank enough. One was a friend named Melissa. A friend that has always been there for me through the years, closer then a sister. Another was Jannell. She sent me the most lovely poem. I would type it out, however I have no idea where I have put it.

It has been proven that babies to feel pain, they can hear sound and feel your emotions from within the womb.

When I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd child, when I would be upset, they would tighten up.

My Daughter was even told she would never enter into the world and I was urged to abort her. There was blood in the womb upon finding out I was pregnant with her. It was a high risk pregnancy where I had to stay off my feet for 9 months. However, today she is a smart and wonderful 9 year old girl.

Sadly with the right to choose, so many children will never take their first breath.

These children did not ask to be born, however, they have been forced to die as a matter of convenience. Only God should choose who is to live, and who is to die. Not us.

Here are some resources that make good reading on this topic. (Flordia Gators Tebow, his mother was urged to abort him, she refused.