Monday, January 25, 2010

Life In the Womb..a Story of a loss of A child and More.

The Loss of a Unborn Child
By Paula Chapman

Many women every day miscarry a child. It is a pain that runs deep for years. The following is the story of my unborn child that awaits me in Heaven.

Last week was the 37th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Which gives women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy legally. A decision which has led to the death of so many unborn children. Many feel that a baby is simply a host, with no emotion, no feeling and no rights. How sad America kills hundreds and thousands of children each day.

However, I will never forget the struggle for life my son, fought to come into the world, and he lost the battle.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was happy beyond measure. Everything was going so well with the pregnancy. I had my check ups regularly and he was growing as he should. His first movement in the womb was breathtaking to say the least. It was like tiny butterflies. I could not help but laugh when I first felt his movement. But that laughter would soon turn to tears.

One day I carried in groceries and had to sit down. Intense cramps and pain, followed by bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital and they were able to stop the bleeding. I was sent home to follow up with my doctor.

When I went to the doctor they ran several tests and I was instructed to go home and rest. A day later, I got the call from Dr. Adams.
“Paula, this is Dr. Adams.”
I knew before she called that time was running out. It was something you felt, and something you knew.
My only response to her was, “He is dying isn’t he?”
She confirmed he was, and instructed me what to do when the bleeding began again.

It was a day later, I was rushed back to the hospital. They had to do a emergency DNC and a day later I was able to come home.

I will never forget being wheeled out of the hospital the feeling of, “I want my baby!” Sadness, emptiness, anger, loneliness.

My mother seemed to be the only one that understood how I felt at the time as she put her arms around me and told me to cry. I did a lot of crying. Truth of the matter is, I still cry today.

If you have ever lost a child, you need to grieve that child as you would one that even was able to come into the world. Just because he or she never took his first breath, does not mean, it is less important then one that has.

Those friends that was there for me to support me, I can not thank enough. One was a friend named Melissa. A friend that has always been there for me through the years, closer then a sister. Another was Jannell. She sent me the most lovely poem. I would type it out, however I have no idea where I have put it.

It has been proven that babies to feel pain, they can hear sound and feel your emotions from within the womb.

When I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd child, when I would be upset, they would tighten up.

My Daughter was even told she would never enter into the world and I was urged to abort her. There was blood in the womb upon finding out I was pregnant with her. It was a high risk pregnancy where I had to stay off my feet for 9 months. However, today she is a smart and wonderful 9 year old girl.

Sadly with the right to choose, so many children will never take their first breath.

These children did not ask to be born, however, they have been forced to die as a matter of convenience. Only God should choose who is to live, and who is to die. Not us.

Here are some resources that make good reading on this topic. (Flordia Gators Tebow, his mother was urged to abort him, she refused.

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