Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hamlet 2..Coming soon.

Have you heard of the new movie coming out? Hamlet 2... Well before we go any further.. get children away from the computer and click on that link.


Now.. If your not appalled yet.. You will be. To a snazzy tune..is a song.. Sexy Jesus. Geared at our youth is yet another movie.. where they want to depict our Lord and Savior as a sex object.

Now..go on to the next Link.. and watch this video.. a clip from the movie...


And we wonder why our nation is under the judgment of God?

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susansbooks said...

We always make it a rule not to watch any movies that are R rated, but we are now finding (since we have custody of our 5-year old grandson) that we have to be careful of PG-13 movies, too. We went to watch Batman: The Dark Knight, and it scared us, but it really scared our grandson.

I just can't believe that someone would have the nerve to mock Almighty God. They will definitely rue the day!