Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The New Kid Rock Song..Rock and Roll Jesus

Word of Caution..if you have children around.. read this LATER.. I will scroll down to put the lyrics in... Although it is only Lyrics to a song by this JERK.. and yet it is bad.
Many Christians I know listen to the guy and after having a friend ask me if I heard of this song I was wanting to get the lryics. This Song is BLASPHEMY from the git go....

This is the song by Kid Rock
Rock and Roll Jesus..

Here is the Song

Kid Rock Rock N Roll Jesus Lyrics Songwriters: N/A
Turn me up in the headphones Been alotta cheap talk but I rock still From the streets of Shanghai back to Knoxville Sittin' high on a mountain top holdin' shop spreadin' the good news Been alotta false prophets and quick hits And a lot of unAmerican bullshit But the time has come to settle and the devil's gonna make u choose And just like a cold wind blowin' can u feel me comin' for u Just like a freight train rollin' packed tight full of rhythm and blues Testify It's a Rock revival Don't need a suit Ya don't need a bible Get up and dance I'm gonna set you free yeah Testify It's all sex, drugs, rock n roll A soul sensation that you can't control And you can see I practice what I preach I'm your rock n roll Jesus Yes I am Been alotta bling bling but it ain't real And alotta new kings but I won't kneel Sittin' high on a mountain top, holdin' shop singin' the raw dog blues Like in old Mississippi's dirty cotton fields Or in Detroit City's unforgotten wheels It's the same song spinning but the same song's always been true And I'm gonna take my roll cuz I ain't got nothin' to lose And I'm gonna save your soul if it's really what you want me to do [Repeat chorus] Get on your knees I'm your rock n roll Jesus

It is time..we as Christians Wake up and eliminate this trash!!! I for one detest this man.. Remember when the Beatles said they were more popular then God? They have already proved they are NOT INVINCIBLE by any means!

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Mandy said...

Rock’N'Roll Jesus Double Platinum!
Saturday, August 16th, 2008
Just certified double platinum by RIAA!

This is a Double Platinum Album as of Saturday. Wow. This is the time we live in, it seems as if every being is searching for something. The ultimate satisfaction. Yet many continue to look in the wrong places. I am not much of a fan of Kid Rock, I prefer to remain a sold out fan of Jesus and I think Kid needs Jesus. I can’t help but ponder as I did some research about Kid Rock after reading your blog; he must have had some “religion” in his life at one time. I say religion in a bystander status due to the fact that several of his songs have references to leaning on God. It appears as though he may be a lost sheep who is heavily influenced with self gratification. In checking him out I have found there is at least one song on his albums referring to his faith. The exert below is from his song Lonely Road of Faith.
2nd Verse
“God is great indeed
if u believe in the everlife
make some sense of the piece not refound
and if u just hold on
I wont let you fall
I wont let you fall nooo
we can make it through the winds of Change “

As a Christian who has faced a many spiritual battle in my life this is a clear cry for help. It would seem as he attempts to witness that “GOD IS GREAT INDEED”, then “MAKE SOME SENSE OF THE PIECE NOT REFOUND” Is he saying that he is trying to make it back to the Lord? Maybe, maybe not but just incase do I want to say I detest him? We are called to love and be our brothers keepers, so instead of calling him a “Jerk” maybe we should lift the lost brother up in prayer. We can intercede on his behalf, and warn other Christians of what he is representing at this time without degrading him as he has degraded others. We can do this with or without knowing matter of fact that he has ever known Christ.

As for the lyrics of the song Rock n Roll Jesus. I’m not quite sure how to take them. I do not think that he is saying that He is Jesus. I think it is more of a complaint about organized religion. I for one can say that man made denomination is a love killer. It kept me lost for some time. Kid Rock sings “Been alotta bling bling but it ain't real “, “the devil's gonna make u choose “, “And just like a cold wind blowin' can u feel me comin' for u “ -- there has been a lot of shiny-happy-fake-Christians that have set a really bad basket of fruit out for the lost to see, and the devil will make you chose-but that is God’s word (Matthew 6:24 "No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.) , and the Holy Spirit will come upon you like a cold wind blowin’ pushing you to the altar of salvation. My interpretation of the song is much like the lyrics of all of Kid Rocks songs I could find of his faith, confused & lost. It’s like he wants to say something good about the Lord he just does it in his own rebellious way. Which by the way I am NOT UPHOLDING OR DEFENDING. I just truly think the man is trying to find his way Home! I think he has been hurt by people of God, people that shake their finger in his face, people that profess Christ yet attack him verbally instead of in love and genuine concern for his soul. I did not sell out for God because of the fear of the warnings in Revelation; His Holy Spirit drew me with love. His grace saved me; his un-selfish blood washed me of my sins. He has called me to love out of love. I will not support this album or any of Kid Rocks albums he has out right now because I do not agree with his current morals. I now know who I am in Christ; it is my duty to uphold him in prayer out of conviction upon reading this blog. I hope I live to see Kid Rock find the “piece not refound”, and I hope & pray that all of these listeners and fans he has acquired through the years he brings with him. Until then, it is my responsibility to keep these lyrics away from the ears of my family and pray that the hindering spirits & influences flee from Kid Rock.

Below is a review from a Rolling Stone forum on Rock N Roll Jesus. Pay attention to the user name first of all, and then concentrate on the first sentence, then the last. First the name reveals to my spirit that this person is searching for something, interested in the supernatural, voodoo--an obi nation to our God. Her statement, she wants something real, she wants to feel, maybe the lyrics of “Amen” (on the same album) will somehow plant a seed, get her to thinking on God. God can use anything to convict someone, Maybe vooangeldoo will sit and ponder the lyrics of “amen” and think of how she could be a little better, then maybe someone else might water that seed. The last sentence, she is tired of fake, which tells me that she could be very open to a Real Living God! What if because this album was released, bearing Jesus name on the cover, even with a tiny sprinkling God can take anything intended for evil and make good come from it. Just something to think about.
Review 6 of 22
vooangeldoo writes:

“Many of the songs on Rock N Roll Jesus make me feel.....be it happy,sad,raunchy,cocky,mad and like KR says that's when it's real. That's a plus in today's plastic Brittney Spear's world.”

Lyrics of AMEN:

It's another night in hell
Another child won't live to tell
Can you imagine what it's like to starve to death

And as we sit free and well
Another soldier has to yell
Tell my wife and children I love them in his last breath

C'mon now amen, amen, amen

Habitual offenders, scumbag lawyers with agendas
I'll tell you sometimes people I don't know what's worse
Natural disasters or these wolves in sheep clothes pastors
Now God d****it I'm scared to send my children to church
And how can we seek salvation when our nations race relations
Got me feeling guilty of being white
But faith in human nature, our creator and our savior, I'm no saint
But I believe in what is right

C'mon now amen, amen
I said amen, amen

Stop pointing fingers and take some blame,
Pull your future away from the flame
Open up your mind and start to live
Stop short changing your neighbors
Living off hand outs and favors, and maybe
Give a little bit more than you got to give

Simplify, testify, identify, rectify
And if I get high stop being so uptight
It's only human nature and I am not a stranger
So baby won't you stay with me tonight

When a calls away
to break the sound
I'm faden down, I need someone
Oh to be someone
They just sinken down, and holden back
I hold the dawn and run
They don't save a child
Oh, to save a child

It's a matter of salvation from them patience up above,
So don't give up so d**n easy on the one you love, one you love
Somewhere you got a brother, sister, friend, grandmother, niece or nephew
Just dying to be with you
You know there's someone out there who unconditionally, religiously, loves you
So just hold on 'cause you know it's true
And if you can take the pain
And you can withstand anything, and one day
Stand hand in hand with the truth

I said amen, I said amen
I said amen, I said amen,


James 2:14-17
What doth it profit my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works can faith save him?
If a brother or a sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,
And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body what does it profit?
Even so faith if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

So- does Kid Rock have faith, I conclude to say yes. Faith is the belief in something for which there is no proof. Does he have works; I hate to say it, no- not by his fruit. Faith without works is dead, probably why he is on the Lonely Road of Faith he sings of. Let us not forget, if our brother is destitute to daily food, we should fill him, not put him down. Lest we are just the say as he.

Tile :Kid Rock - Lonely Road Of Faith
This is lyrics from www.lyrics007.com
Up and Down that Lonely Road of Faith
I have been there
Unprepared for the storms and the tides that rise
I've realized one thing
how much i love you
and it hurts to see to see you crying
I beleive we can make it through the winds of Change

God is great indeed
if u beleive in the everlife
make some sense of the piece not refound
and if u just hold on
I wont let you fall
I wont let you fall nooo
we can make it through the winds of Change

Though i walk through the Valley of Darkness
I am not afraid
Cuz I know I'm not alone

And if the wind blows EAST
would you follow me
and if the wind blows NORTH
would you stay your course
and if the wind blows WEST
would you second guess
and if it flows to the SOUTH
would you cast me out
and if the sun dont shine
would you still be mine
and if the sky turns grey
would you walk away
would you say I do
If I said I'll be
You'll walk this road through life with me?
You know I love You

ON this Lonely Road of Faith
ON this Lonely Road of Faith
ON this Lonely Road of Faith