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Evolution: Approaching the Subject

Evolution: Approaching the Subject

Any of you that have teen age children will probably have a difficult time approaching the subject with them because they have already been thoroughly indoctrinated in the subject. You may feel extremely nervous about it because you may feel as if you do not know enough about the subject or about creation for that matter. You may be nervous about having proof for creation versus evolution, especially if you watch the Learning Channel you will see their supposed factual evidence supporting evolution and you can believe that your children have had this information provided to them from an early age. So how do you discuss it? First off if you haven’t been on your knees before God, surrendering your life to Him, I would not even attempt to discuss it with them because as I stated before if they do not see the obedience in you they are not going to believe what the Bible has to say, but if you have surrendered and committed your life to Him the next step is being familiar with the creation story in Genesis. If you have a study Bible use the reference verses to look up other verses that may have relevance. You can also go to Ken Hamm’s “Answers in Genesis” web site to help you in this area.

Whenever I speak to anyone concerning evolution they are always bringing up proof that supports evolution and that if the earth was as young as the Bible claims then there would be sufficient evidence to support it. The problem is not the evidence because the very evidence that they have to prove their point is the very evidence that we have to support creation the difference is the way the evidence is viewed. The important thing is to never lose your cool when discussing it when they can’t seem to see it your way. This is extremely important when it is your child because you are trying to reveal Christ through you. Remember that we are told that the world cannot discern the scriptures because they are spiritually discerned, so do not start by quoting a bunch of scripture. Now if you have younger children reading the creation story is a good way to start teaching them creation.

Much of science is best guess when it comes to determining the answer, while you run test you will always have a percentage of inaccuracy within the test to obtain the desired result so the way that the test is conducted depends upon the result that is desired. If all of my conclusions are based upon the fact that the earth is billions of years old then I know that the different strata layers depict age so if I have retrieved a fossil from the layer that I have already determined to be millions of years ago and I have run a test that shows it to be only a few thousand years old then I am going to add a percentage of inaccuracy to accomplish my desired age of several million years. Now on the creation side because I know from God’s word that the Bible is true then I do not have to add those percentages because the result is accurate. You see the evidence is proof yet it is the presupposed result that generates the difference.

Evolutionists believe in natural selection—that is real science, as you observe it happening. Well, creationists also believe in natural selection. Evolutionists accept the science of genetics—well, so do creationists.

‘However, here is the difference: Evolutionists believe that, over millions of years, one kind of animal has changed into a totally different kind. However, creationists, based on the Bible’s account of origins, believe that God created separate kinds of animals and plants to reproduce their own kind—therefore one kind will not turn into a totally different kind.

‘Now this can be tested in the present. The scientific observations support the creationist interpretation that the changes we see are not creating new information. The changes are all within the originally created pool of information of that kind; sorting, shuffling or degrading it. The creationist account of history, based on the Bible, provides the correct basis to interpret the evidence of the present—and real science confirms the interpretation.’

My point is that if we Christians really understood that all evidence is actually interpreted on the basis of certain presuppositions, then we wouldn’t be in the least bit intimidated by the evolutionists’ supposed ‘evidence.’ We should instead be looking at the evolutionist’s (or old-earther’s) interpretation of the evidence, and how the same evidence could be interpreted within a biblical framework and be confirmed by testable and repeatable science.

In my discussions I attempt to get them to let go of those biased opinions in order to see the results as they are. No matter how much evidence I was to provide for them, they will never see it from the Bible’s viewpoint therefore I must allow God to work in order to break down those presuppositions. When they realize that their logic does not make sense then they will change direction of the conversation to prove their point in another area and even go as far as denying their own theory when discussing morality. In my discussion with the atheist when he had no where else to go he then brought up the legitimacy of the existence of Christ and when that didn’t work he proceeded to call me a liar. He then changed direction and stated that even if there was proof of Christ and His miracles there was no proof that He was the Son of God.

As you look at the many changes in direction it is only to get you first of all angry so that you might say something that you shouldn’t say therefore they have you because if Christ was really the Son of God and you believed in Him the way the Bible says that you should then you wouldn’t say the things that you say, which enforces their theory of evolution with reverting to the animal tendencies. The other reason this is done is to get you to throw out one of the debunked evidences of creation such as the moon dust. You can find these on the Answers in Genesis website. The reason I say they are debunked is because again they utilize the presupposed results, in other words I can run the same test and come up with an answer that would also support evolution in the result. Again if you fall into the trap you will be ridiculed and any progress you had made up until that point will be lost and you will have to start all over again.

The one thing I love is to get them to begin thinking beyond the limits of their teachings, when they have to reach outside of the box in order to provide an answer it is like watching the light bulb go off in their head. The same thing can be realized in a text message because the order of their words reveals the thoughts going into what they are writing. In dealing with your teen it can be the same experience. The best way to discuss evolution with them is in nature itself because when they see the remarkable creation before their very eyes it is hard to deny. Of course the alone time with them is very important for the discussion because it shows them that they are important to you. The other thing that you have to realize is that by forgoing what they have been indoctrinated with at school they are going to be giving up a lot preconceived rights. They will have to begin being responsible for their own actions, which you will have to enforce. The purpose is to draw them to Christ not just remove evolution from their thinking. Again Christ does the work not you; your job is to be obedient to Him. Once we see them begin to understand it then makes it easier to show them the gospel because until this point it is important to remember that to them God has no power and Jesus was just a good man and not the Son of God. They do not see their sins as exceedingly wicked nor do they see their need for a Savior but hopefully with the aid of the Holy Spirit you can plant the seed that God uses to draw them to Him.

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