Friday, August 8, 2008

The Gaming Store

Upon Entering the gaming store, I told them I needed to get a list of what to get my kids for Christmas.. I told them my son is more so into Video Games, but had NO IDEA what to get him.

So they started telling me what the hot sellers are..
1. Guitar Hero (in the last sell your soul to the devil Lou, whom is your manager) We will cover this game a bit later.
2. Grand Theft Auto.. Not even rated for kids..this game is heavy with violence and sexual Content.

The list went on and on..but you get the idea.. NOT EVEN ONCE did he ask how old my children are..

Now..imagine a mom that really did not know anything about gaming?? What she would be putting into the hands and minds of her children.....

This is Why I have started this educate you of what your kids are watching and playing and even listening to.

I will have even more blogs coming of our top games, etc..

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Dimitri Black said...

Here I will agree with you as well. Most stores do not check ID's or even ask the age group for the games they sell. You'll notice the more expensive games are usually the more violent, bloody, and gorey games. There is a reason for that. Violence sells and it sells well. As a parent, I concur with you wholeheartedly. Monitor what your kids play and know what thier doing at thier friends places. Be a responsible parent and let them know you dont want them playing something disgusting, inappropriate, or hurtful..

Gods Peace

Dr. Raven