Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Failure Meets Victory

When failure meets Victory

I have heard a wise pastor one time tell the congregation, "Sometimes God has to bring us to the very end of ourselves, till we can seek him."

These words have stuck in my mind, my heart and in my soul for a few years.

As I embrace difficulties in life, I think I can manage each and every outcome. Pride turns into self dependency and self preservation and not the righteous life of being set apart in every area of my life as God intends my life to be.

Fact is, I need God through each and every struggle, the good days and the bad days, the losses and the victories. I am nothing without God.

I think we all fail here at some point of our life and yet I still struggle to get off my spiritually skinned knees when I figure out that my situations and circumstances are beyond my control, but never beyond the control of God.

May we embrace Him now, in our victories, our losses, our struggles, our desires and every part of our life.

Only then can I turn my failure into the God's victory as only He knows tomorrow.

Please keep me in prayer as I struggle to know His will, His way and His wonderful timing in my life. Taking each step only when God wills it..and not when I want it taken.

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