Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I know it has been such a long time since I have posted anything and I have a million excuses of why I have not, BUT....that is just what they are excuses.

I had major back surgery last year that went bad and I am afraid I was filled with self pity instead of thanking God that I am alive and that I can walk..most of the time. *laughs*

I am blessed. Today I decided to turn on some of my favorite songs that have always spoke to my heart and ditch the proverbial spiritual bottle and get back on track.

Many times in the past, my friends have really praised me for always being on fire and for the past months I have been finding myself telling them, "I feel empty, I just do not have any words left."
Yet.. not only did my friends that know me better know this, but God knew it too.

Thank You Phyllis and John and Carolyn (and the entire family) for keeping on keeping me in prayer and pushing me as a true brother and sister does in Christ. I truly needed that love and encouragement and...I am afraid this warrior has been resting at His feet far too long and its time to get back up, dust myself off and get back into battle. If I get knocked down again.. I will get back up.. just watch my back and make sure I don't rest as long as I did this time.

I do have some reviews ready to go from a Christian mothers view..and they will be coming soon!!!
Love and thankfulness goes out to all of you that has kept me and my battles and trials in your prayers.

Now.. on to my most favorite song that has always spoke to my heart.

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