Saturday, February 20, 2010

Homeless In America

Every day many Americans lose their jobs, houses and end up living on the street or a shelter that can provide them a place to stay. Right now the amount homeless people are at a all time high.

I USED to look at these people and wonder how they could put themselves in such situations I would be critical and look at the jobs offered and wonder why these people could not find employment. My mind was changed when my husband lost his job.

I was even looking for employment when one day I could not even put my foot on the floor. I ended up with a severe back injury that affected the leg. Many of our services, phone, garbage, TV was turned off. I even took all my gold and sold it one month just to pay for the electric bill. Incidently there was not any money coming in, or out.

I have to thank God for a understanding Landlord, but I can assure you even his patience was wearing thin. I even went as far to to tell them, that if things came to the worse, I would understand.

When you have 2 small children, a huge fear is being homeless and living on the street. We are sworn to protect our children and yet with the elements of no four walls to protect your family that can even be more of a challenge. Of course God provided in ways that would blow my mind.

1. If you need help with rent, or a utility bill. Call the salvation army and your local Department of Children's Services.

2. United Way offers help.

3. I know in Chattanooga they have a number you can call to get numbers for help. Chattanooga is 211. Tell them what you need and they can and will help  you.

4. Pray and trust God to supply your needs.

5. Do not be afraid to reach out for help.


During this time, it was more of a waking up for me to show me that Jesus would always trust our needs.  Even down to days I need toilet paper, God provided.  The School even put my children's name on the Angel Tree at school. This was the first year I could not buy anything for my kids as there was not any money to spend coming in. The Angel tree provided my children with presents.  Every Christmas when you see that Angel Tree in the mall or store, know you are truly giving to a family that is in need.


My husband has finally gained employment and we are catching up as fast as we can. I reassured the children we would make it through as family. Families can not always say that in today's world.  Yet God alone pulled us through. 

Jas 1:3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

God has taught me that the Trial of my faith.. works patience.

Php 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

God has taught me that he TRULY will meet our needs!

God has show me just how much He loves me, and I am more in love with Him then ever before. I am truly grateful for my wonderful husband and children. I am thankful for my friends that let me cry on their shoulder when I doubted the next day. I am thankful for my landlord and his wife for being patient. I am thankful for my parents who made sure the Word of God was a very important part of our life. Not only did they teach me to love Jesus, but to fear him too. 

Next time when you see a homeless person, keep in mind he or she probably did not have much a choice of where they are today. Yesterday they have had a family, a house and a life. Yet life changes in a blink of a eye. It almost changed for us.

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doug said...

I agree withwhat you have said. I too was in your shoes when my family moved to AL. IN 1991. I had working on Commission. My wife has a hard time finding work. I had the welfair people inmy home three times. I as the head of the home felt like a comolet failer. The Lord knew oue needs and He took care of them. In 1995 I was laid off, first time ever. I again felt like a low down bunb, no job, no Christmas, than I had a heart attack on January 4 1996. wOW, BUT through it all we trusted the Lord. He never failed us one time. My family learned to depend on God, and His grace. Doug Sanford
[ Bristol CT.] Thank you Jesus