Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coraline..Another one not for kids.

I watched this movie the other day and certainly it was one that got me thinking just how bad entertainment has gone. First read this movie review before you go any further.
The movie starts out of a girl hungry for attention, her mother and father are both too busy for her. The family had moved into a new house.
The opening of the movie, Coroline is using a divining rod to find water when she runs into a young boy in a skeletal mask. Turns out she has chosen poison ivy. As the movie progresses, you can see how hungry she is for her parents love when she finds a door that takes her to a "Alter Reality" of sorts. A new mom, and a new dad that not only gives her attention, but it is the world of her dreams.

Her new mother cooks, cleans and gives her all kinds of gifts as does her dad. But the dream comes with a high price...she must sew button eyes into her own to stay. Everyone from the other reality is there and she loves it. However when she finds she must sew on button eyes she finds there are other children there as ghosts and she must save them from their doom. Also her parents were kidnapped into a snow globe and she must save them as well.

A few times, God's name was used in vain.
The worse part to me, was when the eccentric older women were putting on a show and one comes out in a G-string and pasties. As she moves around her chest wiggles and jiggles..and yes she is quite busty at that. Coroline even looks to her friend and laughs saying, "She is nearly Naked" To me, as a childrens movie, I was quite shocked in the content, crude humor.. and vulgarties of this one.

On the above link, you can see where many parents did walk out of the theatre in this one quite shocked of the images on the screen.

So once again, this is one that people need to research before letting your children watch it.

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