Friday, May 29, 2009

How to keep Small Children safe in public and with friends.

Keeping Small Children safe in public places and with friends.

When I was a young girl, it was safe to go look in the toy isle of your local store. However with the changing times and increased abductions, parents have gone to radical ways of keeping our children safe. In our area 2 weeks ago a man was unsuccessful of abducting a small girl. He even told he judge what he had planned to do to the child. Yes, it would have been every parents worse nightmare.

Last night on our local news, a 70 year old man was arrested after a child came forward over him molesting her.. 3 more have come forward since then and the investigation is ongoing.

On just those 2 local events, I have decided to publish my ways of how I keep my children safe in public places.

1. Start young

It is never too early to teach your children that there are people out there that are not nice. However, they might not understand at very early ages.

2. Mean what you say, and say what you mean!

When my children were old enough to walk beside the shopping cart I devised a rule. Both my children are only months apart. Rule Number One.. One hand on the shopping cart at all times. If you walk away from the shopping cart.. hold their hands. Have them walk with you! Involve them in picking up items.

For instance: A regular day of shopping would include me and both children, each with a hand on the cart.. and me pushing the cart.. When we stop the cart to pick up a item.. I have them come with me and point to what I need and tell them. They in turn pick it up and put it in the shopping cart.

Now, I have been asked how I devised this. The first time trying to incorporate this was not a easy process. I did warn them before we even went in that if they did not obey the rules we would leave everything there and go home. It only took one time of doing just that till they understood, I meant what I said.

3. Reward good behavior!
Implement rewards when they follow the directions of shopping! I can be anything from a piece of candy, a small toy, gum.. Praise them as they learn the rules of shopping.

Now on to the next issue.. Friends.
It is impossible to always know what goes on in the house of a friend that our children play with. It is very important to check this out. I develop friendships with the parents of my children's friends. Do not always assume that every parent is as conscious as you are in health, entertainment etc. I know kids in Elementary school that have done drugs and alcohol because they knew where their parents keep it at. Easy access of these elements intensifies the temptation and pressure set forth by other children.

Check up on your kids

There is nothing wrong with making a surprise visit to make sure you children are safe. Any decent parent would understand the need to check in on a play date.

Teach your children right wrong.. and consequences to wrong..and the benefits of right. Be a example for them.

As kids watch us as parents, they are learning future behavior. For instance, kids will often mimic how you do or say different things in your every day life. If they will mimic how you toss your head to the side to remove hair out of your eyes, they will mimic even those distasteful things we do as well.

I once talked to a mom at our local bus stop, and her language was littered with profanity in front of her 2 year old little girl, however when the little girl repeated those words she had used, she became very angry at her. Yet.. this is what that little girl was learning in the home.

Morals begin in the home. Morals begin with the parent... Morals are taught.. and learned..

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Paula said...

That is great Paula! We had and do still us some of those very things in protecting our children.
I've also noticed just because they are teens (which I have 3) that you still have to inforce some of those same rules with them.
With our daughter if she's out with friends she has to call home once an hour depending on how long she'll be gone and where she's going. She doesn't necessarily have to talk to us,just leave a message or text where you are and how it's going.
As parents we can't let up on protecting our children no matter what the age!

~Paula Seavey