Monday, June 29, 2009

How to know what Games your kids play.

I must admit, growing up in the age of Atari..I loved video games. But things have far moved past the days of "Pong".

I recently bought a game that was rated "T" For teens. I was very excited at the prospect of playing a wonderful action adventure when suddenly out of nowhere there was profanity in the game.

Granted another problem was searching for Thor's hammer. We as Christains are to put no other god before Our God.

This game was the newest relase of Laura Croft.. scantily dressed, and ready for action.

Yet, many parents that do not play games may buy a game like this or another one rated for teens and not at all know what is in the game.

Out of the many games I have tried for my children in the past year, most of them contained alcohol use. 3/4 of them used profanity.. and almost all, left little to the imagination where clothing was concerned.

So to all parents, I recommend using this site.

If they do not have the game listed, play it yourself. Do not in any way trust the ratings of the game on the label. As you can see from my other post, "T" Does have content not suitable for Children.

Another game I must caution you all about is
The Sims 3 Here you can see the review on it.

Remember when God lives in us.. he us subject to what we put in front of Him. That alone should be enough to convict us what is right and wrong for our children and for us as well.

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