Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trunk Or Treat..Our Experience.

My Children and I experienced a new event to our family this Halloween, called "Trunk Or Treat". For those that do not know what this is, let me explain the concept.

It is always hosted by a Church, (a lot of Churches in our area love to do this very thing.) The members park their cars in the parking lot, load up with candy and provide a "Safe Alternative" to the normal door to door trick or treat.

So my children wanted candy and they talked me into doing this very thing..I mean how bad could it be at a Church.

So off we went.. We went to 3 different Churches... and had 3 different experiences.. (the names of the Churches I will leave out.)

Church Number one.. had the inflatable's. HOWEVER... hotdog's, apples..hope you brought your money, because they charged for them.. they awarded the kids with one small bag of candy.. they had a live band..BUT..the People that were working this event WAS RUDE! My kids pronounced it lame and we moved on to Church Number 2.....

Church Number 2..you had to sign in first.. your name, address, phone number and they asked if you went to church. The cars were lined up..and one car by one our kids loaded up with candy.. However..... no one told us about Jesus the entire time... not a tract one in the candy.

Church Number 3.. was a church I used to attend..how nice it was to be hugged and remembered.. they even gave everyone free hot dogs, cider, hot chocolate.. people went about talking to everyone.. the fellowship was free...

When I got home..I went through the candy.. only one tract..
The only time God was mentioned at any of these, was when my 9 year old son looked at a member at Church 2..and said "God Bless you!" That was a shock for that member..

Now..on to my thoughts of Trunk or Treat...
1. If a Church is going to do this kind of thing.. YOU NEED TO EVANGALIZE! How many souls slipped through the fingers of the saved...
2. Follow up.... Church 2..did wonderfully well by getting the information of others to follow up with..
3. ALWAYS show the love of Christ.. Don't be rude.. like Church number one.. if I wanted Rudeness..we would have gone to the houses on our block..not a Church.
4. What would it hurt to throw in tracts with the candy???? Those Chick Tracts are great for kids!!!
5. Not once..were we invited to Church...except for by Church number 3.. they really did miss us..and made a point to let us know we were missed. But God has moved us to a different Church...they understood.

Remember..in all we do.. as Christians..we need so show the Love of Christ..

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