Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Open apology.....

I would like to openly apologize for offending everyone with my last post. I have deleted it from the blog, it may take a few hours to be removed completely, per the info that I was given when I deleted it.
I apologize for bringing to mind offensive images and thoughts.
The "Intention" of the post was NOT to offend you, it was in fact to cause you to think about this horribly wicked sin of Racism.
From the comments and even the private e-mails, I understand that several people did get "Highly" offended, for this I apologize.

Evangelist David J. Dunn

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Phyllis said...


Your apology is accepted.

We agree that these things need to be out there. Especially in view that we now have and African American for president. i totally agree about the racism. My only complaint was, was the inflection on the church, by not necessarily naming the church. I know and understand the anger that you feel. I myself have 3 black God daughters plus 2 black God grandkids from these girls. I love them just like they are my own. I defend them just like I do my own. Racism is a sign of ignorance on the part of the people and their refusal to change and accept the things that are in front of them. I am glad that I have my black God daughters because the girls are so much a part of our lives that they help my own grandkids accept them, not as a color, but as a people. There is NO color with Jesus and God.
If these people would just look at history they will notice that Jesus was NOT white. He was from the 3rd world country. How can people draw the line at color is beyond me. I totally understand how you feel as well as Paula.

God bless,