Saturday, November 1, 2008

Computer Games that will make any parent Cringe...that CARES ABOUT THEIR KIDS!

I just came across this article on AOL On 7 new games that you would not want your Children to play.
Here is the link in case the embedded Link Did not work

Now.. I want you to scroll through the comments as well.. One 15 year old called the article lame..because she plays these games all the time.

But what I find more amazing is how the writer puts in..under EACH GAME "How to get your parents to allow you to play the game."

Check out Game "Saints Row 2"
Of course the Game "Fable" sounds innocent..but wait till you get to that image as well..
You know what?? Just check them all out...each and everyone of them.. and then let me ask you....

Just who is the parent in the household?? Why are the parents NOT stepping up and taking action? Parents..please take the time to educate yourself. I suggest you try your kids games out..even if your not a gamer and see for yourself if it is indeed something you would like your children to play.

Then let me ask you something..would you play it.. if Christ were standing beside you?? Remember Christ lives IN YOU!

This article angered me in the fact that they give kids.. justification for games filled with prostitutes....violence etc... and the ways to munipulate parents into letting the children talk their parents into buying the game.


Phyllis said...

The devil will use whatever he thinks he can use to get at our kids. I have to admit that I don't always watch what my grandkids watch or get into. I try to monitor the things that go on here at the house and then just pray for when they are at home, as I have no control over them at their own homes.

hisway said...

This is probably why we don't even have video games in our house. The comments on these games range from concerned to excuses for why they should play them.