Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God's People letting God's People Suffer

My husband had been told this past month that he had a tumor in his pituitary gland and that it needed to be removed. We had to go out of town and out of state in order for him to have this done. While Fern was in there he got a message from God.

God told him that he was grieved that his people are not helping other Christians. That "Christians" are not praying for, ministering to, or visiting his people. They are not seeing to the needs of his people and his people are falling by the wayside.

We had a chance to experience this first hand during out time with Fern's health. I had called on a ex- asst. pastor as ours has moved out of town and explained the situation to them and asked if they would come to the hospital and pray with us and visit with us. They agreed. Well there was a no show. We then contacted our song leader at the church and he agreed to come and visit, while I was on the phone, he prayed for us. He was unable to come as he had been working but he did call often, as did his wife. We then contacted another minister that we had visited their church during one of the grandkids' VBS, the pastor's wife works at the hospital here and I asked her if her husband could come and pray and she said yes, so we called. He was down there in 15-20 min. Talked with us, read from the Bible and then prayed with us. I have contacted him a couple of times and I still have yet to hear from him. Our song leader did call and check on us tho.

What is happening? How can we as Christians allow this to happen to God''s people.

I contacted a friend of my dad's last night as she is having a hard time with her husband being in the nursing home now due to a fall and hitting his head. She says that he is out of it most of the time. As I listened I remembered what God had told Fern as she was saying the same thing about her situation. She also has a friend (?) that was in need of his churches help and his wife working at a store would constantly ask if they needed anything to please contact them. Well, guess what? No one showed up. To this day, his church has not bothered to check on them at all.

The Bible says that the devil is walking to and fro seeking whom he may devour. That he is here to kill, steal and destroy. The Bible also says that we have power over the devil and that he is defeated.

Tell me why, as Christians, that we do not take care of our own? The world takes care of theirs. It just amazes me that people say they love you and yet won't stick out a hand of help. We sometimes wonder why more people don't come to God, could this be the reason? Knowing that the world cares more about them than God's people?

I am ashamed to say that I have fallen in this catagory before, but I try hard not to now. I try to remember to always pray for those in need and if I forget their names or their need then I just pray a blanket prayer because God knows what they need.

Please people of God, don't let this happen anymore. Help those who need the help. Don't wait for someone to yell or ask for help. Be observant enough and follow the leading of God and watch for the needs of others. Help take care of God's people. The world seems to be doing a better job than we are. What does that say about us?

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hisway said...

A very good blog. The wake up call has been given but as the children of Israel during Jeremiahs time no one is listening. They are too busy doing their own thing for their own purpose and then wonder why all these things are happening today. As the signs get more evident hopefully they will wake up, if not then they are deserving what will come. I myself am ashamed of our behavior, ashamed that we call ourselves by His name and yet continually blaspheme it among the world. I pray that this blog of yours will help awaken many out there so that they would be found doing HIS work at the time of His return. Please know our hearts and prayers are with you and your family.