Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free Halloween Booklet for Download..

Growing up, I was the kid not allowed to dress up and go door to door to beg for those yummy sweet treats that is a tradition of Halloween..

I understood those reasons and convictions my parents upheld.. and yet when my children were born..I wanted them to partake in the fun I had missed out on.. But in doing this..I was wrong..very wrong...

For this reason..I am posting a link to a friend, Evangelist, John Muncy's web site.
When I read this book, I horrified to the tradition and the meaning that I was helping to celebrate.

This is a great book... and Evangelist John Muncy is offering it as a FREE DOWNLOAD for a short time!!!!
While your over there...feel free to send him a thank you! and a note of encourgment. This book is simply amazing!

Also he has some wonderful resources, sermons, books etc....
If you have not read his book on "The Role of Rock"
I suggest you get it!!! This book was a big eye opener to me on what I was subjecting myself too..in the form of entertainment.

God Bless!

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