Monday, September 29, 2008

ICarly.. a show to Tweens?

A rather new show on Nickelodeon is ICarly. The kids became quite famous filming short videos things just escalated from there.
The Commercials actually struck my attention this weekend, when both leading ladies (preteens) were fighting over one boy, which they tell you on their website How hot he is and tells you to click a link and see for yourself how hot the boy is.

They strike up a deal, the first one to kiss him, wins. Basically even the argument, the one girl accuses the other of her "special helping bra".

Now if you have children, or plan on having children. You know one thing. You want your children to remain pure. You teach them to not get promiscuous with the opposite sex.

But how can this be attained if we let our children watch these kind of shows?
Even on one commercial, one of the girls tells everyone of a new episode. It then cuts to a young man fresh out of the shower in a towel..and she says, "No, not nude, New!" So once again..attention is directed in the wrong kind of attention.

I know when you put on a channel for children, we expect our children to be able to watch shows that are adequate for your age, and yet this is not happening.

Face it.. the devil is after our kids,and he is coming boldly after them.
If you go to the site..even check out their new game. Click on Iplay..and see for yourself this game that is intended for our kids.

To me, I refuse to let my kids watch this one. Teach your kids now what is acceptable, and what is not.. look carefully over that site and see for yourself what are kids are finding in entertainment.

Talk with your kids openly. Explain to them what is acceptable and what is not.

God Bless


Justin said...

I can understand where you're coming from on this, definitely, but let's be entirely realistic: The age range that this show is aimed at is 12-17. Now, yes, there are some vaguely inappropriate things on this show, most of which is tame in comparison to the rest of the television world, however what is seen on this show is absolutely nothing in comparison to what kids that age experience in school on a daily basis.

My own memories of middle and high school make me watch this show and realize that everything on these kids shows, including iCarly and Hannah Montana, are absolutely, positively tame in comparison to real life school.

Purity is not an issue. This program could be used as an excellent tool to teach your children about the difference between entertainment and reality, a lesson that is sorely needed in a generation of parents who would shelter their children rather than teach them.

The good on this show far, far outweighs the bad. I would love if you gave real consideration to my points. Our kids need to learn somehow, and we need to teach them, not shield them.

Lissa Pearl said...

I am concerned that my 7 year old boy wants to watch the show, only because of all the sexual inuendo's. I found your blog through google I wish they had more shows that were like this for first and second graders that left all the sexual material out. But I see Justin's point as well. This show is actually extremely innocent compared to what goes on at a real public school. And just as a wake up call... I don't know the ages of your children but I can tell you I was raised in a very strict Christian home, where I wasn't allowed to even watch tv. I was only allowed to watch the news . . . That did not keep me at the age of 12-18 from being sexually provocitive. My "christian" parents were trying thier hardest at shletering me, while at the same time shaming me for even being interested in the opposite sex or in sex at all. This sort of approach towards sex as Christian parents is really sending the wrong message to kids.. If you do not allow your kids to watch the show.Fine. But please don't pretend that tweens are not dealing with these issues inside or at school. It's reality. It's the world we live in. Also your comments about the "devil" being out to get our kids sounds a little silly.. If satan is real, which I believe he is, I think there are a lot more things he is directly involved in, that are way more dark, then shows that talk about stuffing bra's and boyfriends...That show is a reflection of pure human nature. Why are Christians so quick to blame satan for everything?Please, people are evil enough even without the influence of Satan himself.Comments like you made about the show being influenced by the devil really belittles the true evil that is really going in this world.
And lastly, I am appalled at the notion that because someone listens to "secular" music they cannot have a deep relationship with God. Not all secular music is as bad as a lot of Christians. I have a relationship that is deep with God and I listen to all kinds of music. I know people that listen to Christian music only that are full of pride and many other sins... Listening to music does not prohibit you from going to heaven, or having faith in God.

J said...

Thank you for posting this review of this show. I have two 7 year old girls who want to watch this, but I have decided it is inappropriate.

I do understand Justin's point, but I think at 7 sheltering is a good idea. You can't throw them to the wolves just because wolves are reality.

Lissa Pearl, whether or not you ever read this, let me say If the devil were scary and red and went around saying "Boo" no one would follow him. The bulk of his work is subtle, and sly. If you don't think that the Adversary is in television, I have trouble taking you seriously that you believe in him at all.

Kevin Gleeson said...

I think I've seen enough of iCarly to keep my kids away from it. My 7 year old looks to the stars as role models since they're all at once grown up relative to his age, and yet they're still kids he identifies with, all rolled into one.

The characters belt out oh my God's as frequently and casually as I use the word "the". I saw a neurotic mom character walk on and tell her kids to do something, to which they brazenly flat out replied "NO". Then, flustered, she went away and let them stay.

This show models all sorts of bad influences on our children's behavior, all dressed up on what's ostensibly a channel of family friendly programming. After all, if Satan came up dressed as a garbage sandwich, a rare few would bite or serve it. That's why he prefers to slip bits of broken glass in the frosting on delicious cake.

Smileen said...

Thank you for your review. I too found your blog through Google when I was trying to find out about this show which my almost 6 year old niece seems to love. My 3 year old was asking about the show her cousin loves and now I know what the answer will be. We may attend an iCarly party but we will not be watching ICarly at our house.