Saturday, September 6, 2008

Newly Ordained...

Recently I heard how easy it is to be ordained into the ministry. From here, you are more then able to start up your own Church, become tax exempt, order degrees (without going to school) and have all the perks of a minister. You can marry people, conduct funerals and even charge for your services.

So I asked a friend if he would indeed be willing t do this for me. He agreed. We set off to find a Christian site that openly talked about the Lord Jesus Christ. I did not want one that promoted that of the world..that would not be a challenge. Withen 24 hours my friend was ordained. They did not even bother to follow up and ask him when he accepted Christ, or any part of his testimony. They only asked for a brief testimony on the online application.

Here is a video my friend made to show you who he is, (after his ordaining)
ttp:// (Please take the time to watch the video before proceding)
Newly Ordained

Yes.. the friend is.. my dog.

Now with this said, this is how easy it is for a false prophet to become a minister in this world. How sad is that?
This is why it is so important to get into a Bible believing Church. Not a "feel good" Church.


hisway said...

This was confirmation over where God has had me the last couple of days. Between Matthew chapter 24, 2 Thessalonian's chapter 2 and 2 Timothy chapter 3. In fact the new blog I have written is concerning these things. I feel that the upcoming election is going to be a determining factor of what is to come and how soon it will come. Many kudo's for you

Phyllis said...

This is a very dangerous thing. It is so scary to think that any Joe Blow off the street can get a license without credentials and go out and be in contact with our kids. It is bad enough that we have to watch out for the people on the street but now we have to watch out for them in our own churches, Sunday School classes and who knows what else?