Sunday, January 31, 2010

Movie Review "Precious"

Today I wanted to take the time to review the movie "Precious". It was about a high school girl that struggles to overcome abuse, physical, mental and sexual abuse.

During the movie, it starts out, she is in the classroom, she is in love with her teacher and fantasizes of being married to him. She is called to office, when the principle asks her if she is pregnant again. This will be her second child.

As the story unfolds, she was sexually molested by her father. The scene is very graphic. She indeed is pregnant with him. As she gets home, her mother abuses her physically. (Once again, very graphic scenes)

In the end she has the baby, but when she comes home from the hospital, the mother holds the baby, drops the baby and the girl barely escapes with no harm done to baby and little harm to her. Friends and teachers come to her aid to find her a place to live.  Her mother decides to get in touch with her, only to find out that the mother let this sexual abuse go on since the child was born, and why she assaulted and hated her own daughter.


I could go on with the story plot, but in all honesty, that is enough of that. I want to go to the things in this movie that was so disturbing.

This movie won many awards. However,

1. There was so much language that I lost tally of the profanity only minutes into the movie.

2. The rape scene was very graphic

3. Violence was over the top.

The only good thing I saw, was she indeed kept the baby. The way she would escape from reality was through fantasy. Fantasy will not help us to deal with overcoming those ordeals in our life. People going through abuse, be it young girls, Children or adults NEED COUNSELING, Not a fantasy world.

They did not even give numbers for abuse, or information of how to get help.

As a Christian Mother, this is not a movie I would recommend to anyone. It took me days to even figure out how to even blog on this one as I could not put the movie into words.

I would like to see a movie like this in a cleaned up version that kids this age COULD WATCH. I know things like this goes on every day. People like "Precious" ARE out there.  So this movie could have been better. You can say, "There is Hope" without all redundant profanity. I true message of hope would even give titles or credits of where to get the help you need.


1493protectedinhim said...

I hear what you saying I watched it last year and it was graphic for me too. I still think there are some redeeming qualities for it when watched with proper adult supervision. The fantasy is a very real way survivors cope and was depicted so well.
I'm curious if there is a book, and have you read it.

Cherokeldy said...

So far I have not run across a book, but I would be interested in reading it. I agree with was graphic..but the sad thing.. things like this DO happen each and every day to children, teens etc. We do not hear about it, more so when it happens in a poor or lower class family. It is very disheartening to turn on the news and see so much child abuse, child sexual abuse and so forth out there. If only the movie could have been done more tastefully to be shown in classrooms etc. I do believe this movie will give hope and show victims they are far above what their abusers make them feel. They are not useless, they are not stupid.. The sky is the limit for them!!
Like you said Protectedinhim.. If only it was more tasteful.
I will be blogging on books soon..any you want me to check out.. I will be glad to.

HunnieB said...

its the real world. why clean it up and hide what really goes on. thats like putting sugar on a lemon and saying its gonna taste good. Precious is a vivid movie but only because it is showing what REALLY goes on in the world not some buttered up story to make it seem "not that bad". the profanity is used to express everything without it, it wouldnt be real.