Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Many Times has this happend to you?

How many times has this happened you to?

You sit down with your family to watch a show, or movie that looks great. Your young children are sitting around and out of nowhere adult humor leaves your jaw on the ground.

However... right in the middle of Church on Sunday, your child remembers that phrase and asks you what it means?

Now, I know that seems humorous to you, but sadly it happens every day. Let us talk about this little problem.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the good clean old shows of yesteryear? I know I have.

Let us take a little scenario. There is a new item on the market, however you and a few handful of people like it. As it does not bring in the revenue to produce this item, the stores will discontinue this very item.

This rings true with movies and television shows we watch today. The time we sit down to TV, or movies that HAS the nudity, profanity, adult themes, we are supporting that very thing. Let us face it, Hollywood keeps close track on what sells. That is called ratings. When the ratings are high, they tend to produce more of those kind of movies and entertainment.

With that said, why are we supporting this by watching it? As Christ lives in us, we are subjecting his Sweet Holy Spirit to take in that trash, supporting the content. If no one goes to see a good movie, or a good clean show is not watched, to them, why bother making it. To them it would be a waste.

So on to my next question.
How can we as Christians fight the suggestive content in TV and on the big screen.
That is where it gets easy, simply do not go to see it. Do not turn on that channel. Plain and simple as that.

Some parents ask me how they can be certain what their children watch when they are not at home. The answer is simple. You teach them now! It is never too young to teach your children right and wrong with the TV. My children comes to me to change the channel if something is not right for them. Sit down with your children and even point out what is wrong and tell them "WHY" it is wrong. "Why" God would not be pleased with it.

Finally, we as Christians need to band together in prayer. We can truly make a difference.

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Paula said...

This is wonderful Paula! You have done a great job with the site and I love it!