Sunday, April 12, 2009

Marley and Me.. this Movie is NOT for kids.

I recently watched a movie my kids have been dying to see..
Marley and Me.
I was outraged at this movie..and can not understand why they would market any movie with animals with this kind of content for children.

1. There was alot of alchol use in the movie.
2. There was alot of skin in the movie
3. There was a skinny dipping scene in the movie.
4. Alot of profanity in the movie..
5. Many Phrases that are considered rude and crude in the movie

Here is a link with much more information of what was in the movie.

Here is another link that goes into the details of the Movie.

I urge all you as parents to screen what your kids watch.
I read countless of articles from parents and children talking about how they did not expect the sex in the movies..and these are parents that took small children to see the movie.

Remember.. When Christ lives in us.. He too sees what we see. I am thankful that I never took my kids to see that one.. and needless to say. it is another movie they will NOT be seeing.


Lissa Pearl said...

wow. I could not disagree with you more. Ok, I understand the kid issue. I don't even think the movie was geared towards kids what so ever. I mean, it was NOT a movie about a kid and his relationship with his dog AT ALL. But you wouldn't know sinc eyou didn't watch it. It was about a married couple and all the struggles they go through, and despite hard times, they continue to love eachother. This was a movie made for adults. Of course there was skinny dipping - in which there was no full nudity what so ever. THEY ARE A MARRIED COUPLE!! It's too bad you missed out on a movie with a really beautiful point to it!

Kim Watson said...

I just rented this movie for my young children, and was very upset by all of the sexual content.
The person who commented before me missed the point of your post. You did see it, but will not be showing it to your kids.
I personally enjoyed the movie. The point is that it was advertised as a family movie and was misrepresented in the trailers. They marketed this movie to families with children, and that was dishonest and misleading.

Cherokeldy said...

Thank You so much for your post. To give you a heads up. Coroline pushed the envelope also for kids..and I do plan on blogging on that movie today. Sadly we have gotten to a point where we have to screen every movie our kids want to watch.