Sunday, April 12, 2009

The New Burger King Commerical..Airing On Childrens TV Stations.

I was kicking back with my kids one day watching cartoons when this commercial aired for the kids meal at Burger King.
Click the link to see the video.
Every Day our children are being bombarded with attacks on their minds and body. To think this commercial was aired on our childrens cartoon channel and deemed harmless by Burger King.

As for our family, we will not be eating there. They have been toting the line for awhile.. and this is way over the line. What is next??? If this is harmless to them.. I shudder to think what they will film next to advertise their meals.. perhaps viagra for the senior coffee??
Nothing would surprise me more at this point.
As Christians it is time we take a stand against this kind of filth.. It is not alright to put this in front of our kids!

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