Monday, March 16, 2009

The Bible is Back in our Public School!

The Bible is Back in OUR Public School!

Yes, you read that right.. Children are actually awarded in bringing their Bible to School!!!! Yes..Public School!

Now I know many of you are sitting there shocked to read that.. and believe me, I sat in a state of shock, gratitude and thankfulness when this happened in our children's public School.

Just a few weeks ago both of our children brought a paper home to be signed and returned to be able to join in on FCA meetings. A time of devotions, saying memory verses, and prayer. They are awarded prize points for bringing their Bible, saying their memory Verse etc.

My son was even chose for leadership. I was able to join in on the meeting the other day. Right now they have about 30 students attending and more coming in every week.

When you enter this classroom they have Jesus Music playing. A teacher will start the meeting off with prayer. They will play a couple games, then a teacher brings devotions, a student will bring another devotion. Prayer Request taken. Awards given out for bringing their Bibles and saying memory Verses. They then close in prayer and dismiss to class.

When I called the principle to thank for putting the FCA in the school, she told me one of the school counselors submitted it and she approved it!

With this said.. The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Is able to do this.. under the first amendment. However, it only took ONE PERSON to be brave enough to stand up to do this. I have already seen one child's life transformed. A 10 year old boy, who many thought would have been hopeless..already with sexual battery charges against him. This young boy came up to me to let me know he accepted Christ. The change is so evident in this young boy as he comes over to play often.. all because of one person who saw hope and the need to get the Bible back in the classroom!!!!!
So I urge all of you.. Get the FCA into your public school.. get lives transformed now!!!
Time is short as we all know. What a wonderful experience it is to walk into the public school system and see these children carrying Bibles.. HUNGRY for the Word of God..while many do not want to take the time to even spend a few minutes with God!!! Really puts things into perspective!!!


hisway said...

Amen and Amen

Phyllis said...

Oh I am so thrilled about this. It only takes a tiny pebble to make a ripple and then it will spread. God bless Roy for willing to be a vessel to be use by God in his school. What better place to go than to the young ones and then they will spread it around and to their own families.

I pray that this spreads like wildfire to all schools.