Friday, February 6, 2009

Something Simple That Can Change Everything!

I have been praying for a while now about the great need that the Youth of America, and the world for that matter, have in regards to "Needing" a closer relationship with Christ. Now don't get me wrong, I know that this is NOT just a need for the Youth of our world, it is something that ALL of us can use.

I guess the reason why it has been more focused on young people for me recently is that I have been spending a lot of time with the youth of our Church in Tallahassee, listening to them as they talk about the struggles they face in trying to "Stay Close" to God. I have been very surprised by the level of maturity in the actual thought they have all put in to trying to find a "Cure" for this thing that is keeping them "At A Distance" from the Lord.

I am not going to shock anyone when I tell you the "One Thing" that can "Truly" change your life. I know that this answer is something that has been mentioned many times on this blog as well as throughout the generations that have been alive since the time of Jesus Christ. This answer has ALWAYS been here but it has been continuously ignored and overlooked generation after generation! Centuries have passed and the answer has stayed the same, no tricks, no "Smoke and Mirrors", no "Snake Handling" required for this one... it is the ONLY thing in the world that will NOT harm you in any way, but it will CHANGE you COMPLETELY, no matter who you may be, where you may live... NO EXCEPTIONS!

The answer is simply this...


I know that may sound too simplistic and some people may even say that it is a "Stupid" answer, well you are entitled to your own opinion! I still stand by this answer, I know it works, I know it makes "THE" difference in my life each and every day and I know it WILL BE THE ANSWER FOR YOU!

I have seen it happen time and time again, Christians "Drift" away from the Lord and they keep making the mistake of thinking they can "Mysteriously" find their way back by themselves. This is a Big, Fat Lie of the Devil! You and I cannot do anything by our own power to "Keep Us" from getting farther and farther from the Lord.

Only God Can Do This!

It is ONLY through His Word that you and I can grow. It is through Him, Through His power, Through His Blood, His Forgiveness, His Restoration, His Righteousness, His Death, Burial and His Glorious, Miraculous Resurrection that we have any hope at all! In the pages of The Bible, we can truly see Jesus reflected in every story, every Character in His word points to "Who" and "What" Jesus Christ actually is!

As an Evangelist, I constantly meet people who are discouraged and "Beaten Down" in their life. I listen to them as they cry and pour out their hearts telling me just how "Far" they feel they have gone from the "Strong Arms" of their "Loving Heavenly Father". They feel unprotected, unloved, unwanted, unneeded by anyone and everyone. This is sadly becoming more and more common in our Homes and in our Churches this whole world over.

If we have ever needed to "Return to The Bible"... THIS IS THAT TIME!

Think on this for a while. Let the Holy Spirit speak to YOU and follow His direction. He will NEVER lead you "AWAY FROM GOD"!

His For Revival,

Brother Dunn

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hisway said...

We are seeing the same thing here and while it is encouraging in some manners it is also discouraging in others. Recently they watched Louie Giglio's "How Great is Our God" video and it had a tremendous impact upon several of them while others barely made a comment. As you say they can find the answer in God's word but few even attempt to study it everyday and that is not just the youth but many of us adults as well. As God has worked in my life He has given me a knew love for His word and it didn't hurt that growing up I always saw my dad in His word almost every night. Please know that you are continually in our prayers.