Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's called CHRISTmas..Get it? Got it? GOOD!

It's called it? GOOD!

With all the retailers forbidden to say.. "Merry Christmas" I have decided to take my CHRISTmas shopping in stride..making sure to be extra polite so I can tell others.. "Merry Christmas."

So far, I have gotten "Merry Christmas" out of Walmart employees, Dollar General employees, Bi Lo Employees, and sporadic people in general.

I always make sure I start with a smile...and I watch for the cashier to speak to wish me a happy holiday season..when I blurt out..with a smile, "You Have a Merry Christmas now!"

This holiday season is the celebration of the day Jesus Christ was born.. to shed his blood and die on the cross for our sin. Now I know many out there will scoff of what I say..and that is fine too. If your reading this..I know HIS word will not return void.

This week is not about the presents under the tree. It is not about the turkey, the ham..or the deserts. It is the day of the Lord Jesus Christ.. HIS birthday.

So to all of you out there..from our family to yours........
I pray God blesses you with a wonderful CHRISTMAS! Remember, it is not about is about HIM!

Be radical..but don't be left behind!

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Phyllis said...

I totally agree with you. I detest the fact that people put Xmas instead of Christmas.

This shows me 2 things.

1) They are taking Christ out of Christmas. Leaving him out of the holiday made to celebrate his birth. We don't know if he was born on this day or not but it really doesn't matter. This is the day that we have chosen so please respect this Holy Day.

2) They are too LAZY to write the word and have NO respect for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I would urge each and everyone of you, if you are one of those that does this, please don't disrepect our Lord and Savior by being too lazy to write it out. How would you like it if we put an "X" where you name was and let it go at that?